Is Homework good, or is homework bad? Many people over the years have discussed this issue over and over. Many kids hate homework, but for what reason? School board officials and teachers over the years have been determining what they should do based on the issues that the kids ofAmericahave on homework. What side’s right, what sides wrong? Both sides provide very adequate arguments and solutions but as seen many times throughout history, only one side can be more right then the other. The real important question I want you to think about is what side is right? Should we keep homework or should we bane homework? I shall explain the arguments on both sides of the issue, and then I will give you my personal opinion based on my experiences and the made by both sides.
There are many reasons why homework is bad. It can literally take over kids lives in some aspects. Homework in a way reduces a kid’s childhood. Childhood is often seen as very important for both kids and their parents. It is a time for kids to play and have fun. Too much homework often gets in the way of that. Too much can also stress kids out in a way that is uncontrollable or in a way that in the end can drive a kid to therapy. “I have no problem with doing homework, but that put us both over the edge. I got to the point that this is enough,” exclaimed Ms. Cushlanis who is a parent whose kid got overly stressed out and they are worried that they aren’t having enough time with there kids. One administrator quoted, “parents want there kids back.” This quote shows a great impact that the homework problem has on not only kids, but there families physically and mentally. These are issues that are expressed by the side that argues that homework should be banned. This side provided some really accurate arguments, but is it as effective as the homework being good arguments. As a lot of people have said over the years, you can’t make assumptions until both sides are heard.
Homework most of the time is seen in a bad way by kids, but is it the truth or just words from laziness. Homework in ways is good also. While some homework is bombarded by things that aren’t of use or not academically helpful, there is homework that can help kids further in the future. Homework that is provided for the reason for studying or learning can be very helpful in a kid’s academic future. “If I didn’t have homework, I don’t think I’d do very well. It’s practice for what we learn in school,” quoted the author of the articles son. Homework is also often used for competing with countries such asSouth Koreafor the better educational system. TheU.S.government wants to badly compete with these countries so they can have the better education and college succession level. They often increase the homework so the learning process is stricter for the value of success. Homework can be good in improving your future because it can help provide you with skills that can’t be taught in class due to the time limit of the average school day. Homework is shown in this argument as a principle and importance for the better education for kids all around theU.S.This side also provided very good arguments towards keeping homework. I shall now express my personal opinion on the very issue that has been keeping school teachers and officials in a train of thought.
My personal opinion on the issue is that I think that homework should be banned. My reasoning is an issue that I have seen in many people and experienced in a very horrible way. Stress is a wide spreading issue among kids when they shouldn’t even have stress. I’m not saying to ban homework because I’m lazy, because that is what I see as a reasonable response. I am focused on the issues of what stress from homework can bring to kids aroundAmerica. This issue can bring kids to exhaustion and even sometimes bring kids to break out and cry. I once had a break down in elementary school. It was a combination of things in my life including homework. I lost so much confidence in myself because I was so stressed out. I needed therapy to hold me together because I literally lost myself in the stress. I was worried I would disappoint my parents academically. I felt like I couldn’t accomplish anything anymore. The stress brought down a really open-minded and spirited kid. That long year was really stressful and troublesome for me and my family. I never ever want to scare my family like that again. This is my reason for my opinion on banning homework. This has not only impacted me, but kids all aroundAmerica. Laziness is a factor of kids hating homework, but I see the more important issue. All of the knowledge that comes from homework should be worked on in school because kids need some time to have fun and relax. That is my opinion and I am true to my opinion.
Homework has been a barrier that has separated homework supporting people and the homework banning people. Each side has their own accurate arguments and opinions on the issue. No side is more right then the other, it’s just the opinion of the people that will keep or ban homework. These different ideas are very important on determining the solution to the issue. Parents often want more time with their kids, but they also want their kids to be well educated so they have a bright future. Can sacrificing a kid’s childhood really become a benefit, or will it just bring an issue? Can homework bring a wonderful future or will it just add hell with stress? Now think, what sides right?