Cafeteria lunches in some ways are good and bad for you. A lot of cafeterias have reprocessed foods that they serve, which isn’t healthy because it’s not fresh. The U.S.is the fattest country in the world precisely because most of our cafeterias serve reprocessed foods. The parents should also make more fresh foods for their family. Having almost no fresh foods in school lunches is very unhealthy. Getting healthy for our kids is critical in the way that can help prevent diabetes.
The issue here is that the schools aren’t educating their kids enough about what foods are good and what foods are bad. Cafeterias are mostly feeding unhealthy foods to their children. These issues are what can cause obesity and diabetes. Jamie Oliver is on a mission to get kids to realize what they are eating in cafeterias is unhealthy and to eat healthier. His quote, “all I can pray for is that the moms and dads of America get pissed off”, shows this idea. Most cafeteria foods are being reheated. His quote, “Are you reheating or are you cooking? Are kids being educated about food?” This quote shows this idea. Making unhealthy foods is easier, but the issue is that it can cause a lifetime of problems for the next generation of kids. Just giving a little more effort will go a long way in the future.
The cure for this is to educate the children on good eating habits. Another way to help is to give more healthy foods in cafeterias. Ms. Chernin luckily allowed Jamie to come to the L.A. schools to educate them. Her quote, “We need to address the food situation at schools. If we don’t, we are failing our kids.” This quote shows this idea. In most ways, healthier food is more expensive. Jamie though was able to try to serve healthy food while staying under the budget. Ms. Chernin’s quote, “Jamie taught us that not only rich people can eat healthy,” shows this idea. Giving healthy foods to children is crucial for their health and lifestyle. Just going out of your way to give kids the nutrition they need and deserve can come to a healthy lifestyle. Having a healthy lifestyle can in the end make yours and the generation’s life a whole lot better. Cafeterias serve kids what they want, but not necessarily what they need. To end up with a better lifestyle, kids need to be served what they need in ways that they want it.
There are upsides to healthier eating, such as healthier lifestyle. There are also downsides though. The biggest downside is loss for tolerance for cafeteria lunches. Some kids may not like the lunches anymore because the taste quality went down. It has become difficult to get kids to eat healthier because unhealthier food may taste better than healthy food, because kids value high taste quality. This quote from a petition, “We, the students of Roosevelt High School, would like to be served food that we can enjoy eating, rather than the healthier food that we just throw away,” shows this idea. If we can serve healthy food that taste good, then we surely change the obesity problem. We just need to give the taste quality and the healthy food to them. Eating healthy in a way doesn’t have to be a bad experience if schools just healthy delicious foods.
My opinion is that it is a good thing to give school healthier food. If this idea is passed through all school districts, I think that the obesity and diabetes problem will go down. The cafeterias most positively should have healthier foods. Obesity is a really big problem that America has to deal with. A major way we can do our part and help is to improve the healthy lifestyle conditions and decrease the unhealthy lifestyle conditions. Kids should give the healthy food a chance because it can come out to be a healthy lifestyle. Obesity in America is rising because kids don’t want to eat healthy food because they are so used to their unhealthy foods such as pizza and chicken nuggets. Food companies such as McDonalds are already contributing to the obesity and diabetes problem. Kids eat at cafeterias almost everyday for lunch. With all the food that is unhealthy in cafeterias, this issue can contribute just as well to the problem as McDonalds. To help out in my opinion is what will really help to end this chaos.
The obesity issue can be decreased. If everyone does their part to help out, we can make America healthier. Schools bring the big issue with cafeteria lunches. The next generation can get diabetes if we don’t stop the problem. Diabetes is one of the main causes of death in America and it is still rising as a issue.We are at a time in which the best thing is to become healthier.