It has been proven numerous times that the biggest issue in America right now is obesity. The problem that the majority of America is facing right now is who's to blame? It has been argued many times before of weither it's society or the individual. People have to eat to survive, but is it the fast-food industries influence that cause obesity, or is it the individual/ families fault. You don't have to eat the fast-food companies food, but is the economy leading you to spend money on the cheaper food. In this essay I will state the arguments from both sides through the subjects of the company, the individual, the economy, and family. Then I will state my own opinion on the issue. The question is, who's wrong?

New research has stated that two thirds of all American adults are obese. This problem is most frequently blamed on the fast-food companies such as McDonalds. McDonalds is a fast-food company that primarily targets kids. Kids are mostly influenced by McDonalds including of toys in kid's Happy Meals. The purpose for this is that kids are more easily influenced then adults are. The company reaches out to kids from commercials on the kid's favorite channels. The cool things that the commercial shows can influence the kids to want to eat there. Adults on the other hand can be influenced mostly from their new sizes and new prices. Fast-food companies now are using easier ways to produce more meat, produce, or vegetables. They now genetically modify foods so they can grow faster. They make these foods also more delicious by including chemicals or enhancing foods. "We make our food similar to cocaine now. We purify our food. Our ancestors ate whole grains, but we're eating white bread. American indians ate corn, we eat corn syrup." says researcher Paul Kenny. Fast-food companies take advantage of new age resources. But are they to blame?

A person can be influenced to eat unhealthy from the economy. Our economy in our age became really bad and that's why fast-food companies drop down their prices. This influences the average adults to eat there. Making bigger portions for lower prices will be a definite influence. People want value and if companies can provide people with that, then the people will most likely take advange. For adolescents and kids, the influence mostly comes from family our commercials. The major way of adolescents obesity comes from the way their parents eat. If a parent eats unhealthy, then that just improve the chance of their kids eating unhealthy. Kids though are mostly influnced by the commercials that the companies put out. If a toy is said to be included with the cool looking commercial, then that will be a bigger influence. "This just shows how difficult it is for parents to fight the battle alone," says Kathryn Montegomery. Companies influence kids to eat their food."They could just as easily use marketing to support parents in their efforts to feed kids a healthy diet," says Margo Wootan. Is it the companies fault our is it just the individuals bad judgement?

I know people who mostly eat at fast-food places just because it tastes good. I personally see that it's the individual/families fault. The individual become less lazy when it comes to cooking and there is cheap healthy food for you to eat. The person should find ways to eat healthier instead of giving into the fast-food influences. It's alright to have every once in awhile, but not all the time. Parents should also have a healthier influence on their kids lives. You need to become stricter with your kids if unhealthy eating is a problem. I think people really need to take better care of themselves and eat healthier.

Both sides provide great points, but companies are trying to make a living. You, the individual, should know better than to always eat unhealthy. You should know to take care of yourself. Many people argue their opinions on the issue from both sides, but still more people argue it's the fast-food companies. It always comes down to just opinions, no facts. What's your opinion? Who's wrong?