Integrity, Loyalty, and Respect

My name is Alex Andrew Aylard III. I am a student attending Foothill Technology High School. I work hard in school because I want to go to UCLA. I am so far seeing FTHS as a good school. It's better than the flaming hell that was middle school. I really hated middle school. High school is turning out not as I expected, which is good. What I expected is that there would be people fighting.(Note: TV corrupts the mind.) I want to be a professional MMA fighter when I grow up. The three attributes that I believe in are integrity, loyalty, and respect. Have integrity when your doing just about anything, always be loyal to your friends, and respect others. I think that if you work hard in high school, it would be beneficial to your future. I also wrestle for Ventura High School. This sport has so far served to give me something to do besides homework. Homework I believe is good for education, just too much can drive someone to insanity. I also seem to really like rainy days. I find rain to be a really relaxing and cool type of weather. I wish it rained more in Ventura. I just don't like it when people overreact and start losing their freakin minds when lightning appears. I look forward to my next few years at FTHS. I am really interested to see what new things are coming my way.

Things you will find in my packback or in my pockets:

5.Dre BeatsUCLA_Bruins_Logo.png
8.Broken ruler
13.Spare headphonestapout_400x300b.gif

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How my freshman year has gone:

I would say my freshman year has gone well, except for in some cases when I just lost my freakin mind. I
would say I did really well grade wise, just not
organization wise. If I could change something this
year, I would make my organization better. The ninth grade project I have to say was easy information wise, just not presentation wise. The presentation was just a pain. There were many projects this year, but I'm just happy to have finished all of them. I met a lot of new people during my short time here. I also met a lot of new teachers as well. Some projects were easy, some were hard. I just had to learn to suck it up and do the work. I am now ready for summer and what ever the next few years have to through at me. All I have left to say is, BRING IT ON!