Dear Boethius,First off, you are a true hero for going through that torture and staying with what you believed in. I am sad to say though that in our time(1984), the idea that no one can control your mind is not in our possession right now. We come from a time that our ruler, protector, leader, what ever nonsense the Ministry believes in, is a horrible dictator who's goal is to is to make people no longer have control of their own minds, but to believe what the Ministry believes. He goes by the name, Big Brother."Big Brother Is Watching You"(pg.3), that is what all of the signs on the streets say. There is a reason why these signs say this. The reason is it's true. The Ministry has video cameras and speakers everywhere. You even have to have a telescreen, this is a electronic box that shows images and can watch you, in every house. All of this technology may not make sense to you, put the fact is that the Ministry and Big Brother are watching you 24/7. Even when you are asleep. These people that watch you are known as the thought police. They arrest people who have bad thoughts, or acted bad against Big Brother and the Ministry. They are constantly watching you and every bad thing you do. They will come in the night while you're sleeping and take you away to a horrible place known as the Ministry of Love.The Ministry of Love is a horrible place. They take you in and torture you. I have never been there, but I have heard stories and rumors. Once your in, they bring you to a room and beat you up til you can't take it anymore and confess. "Does Big Brother exist."(pg.284) I heard that from many people and I think to myself, there has to be some devil that does all of this. The thought police then, if you don't confess, take you to the interrogating room to, how do you say it, "to cure you."(pg. 277) They ask you questions, they make you try to believe something that isn't true, and they make all reality seem fake. The final blow they do though is take you to the infamous, Room 101. This the worst place of them all. They take your absolute worst fear and make into reality. They threaten it onto you until you ask them to do the punishment on a loved one instead of you. They do this so the only love you have is towards Big Brother.The Ministry also tries to convence you that they are and always been at war with a place. Oceania is the place in which the Ministry and Big Brother rules. They are at constant war with two different countries. These places are Eastasia and Eurasia. "The party control all records, and we control all memories."(pg.272) This is a statement I heard before coming from a party member. They make you believe they are at war with one country and in a alliance with another country, and they make you believe this has always been true, when it really hasn't. They say they are at war with one country, and then they say they are at war with another country. The only people who try to go against the Ministry and Big Brother are the brotherhood and it's leader Goldstein. He fights back by gathering people who want to overthrow the Ministry, into the Brotherhood. He seems to be the only sane one here. In your time you can keep control of your mind, but here they find ways to control your mind. There are allies and there are betrayers in this time. It's really hard for you to trust anyone. You are lucky to have lived in your time, because in this time, we are at war with ourselves. I can now hear the thought police trying to break down my door, so I hope you get to read this. Sincerely, Andrew Aylard